Study Shows Food Advergames Entice Kids to Overeat

By Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M.D.

Weirdly enough, health professionals need to prove time and time again that ads promoting junk food actually affect kids’ intake of these foods. A Super Bowl ad costs 4 million dollars for just 30 seconds of airtime, so clearly someone has already looked at their worth, yet many believe — or want to believe — that ads don’t impact their kids.

Ads can’t be blamed for the obesity epidemic of course, but despite some recent progress, food commercials support mostly energy-dense foods, high in sugar fat and salt — those we’re advised to eat less of — and contribute to overeating. Several years ago the Institute of Medicine reviewed the scientific literature and found that ads influence kids’ preferences, purchases and short-term consumption, may contribute to less healthful diets, create an environment that puts kids’ health at risk, and that ads and marketing messages reach kids through a wide variety of new media, and are present almost everywhere they go.

And the data keeps piling up.

Who’s most susceptible to ads?

In a new study published online ahead of print in Pediatrics, 261 seconds and third graders played an advergame — a video game created to advertise, almost identical to those designed by food companies — that promoted either energy-dense snacks or toys. The game was a memory game with 16 cards on which brands and products were featured. While playing, the kids could reach out to two bowls of snacks, one with jelly candy, the other with milk chocolate candy shells.

Not surprisingly kids who played the advergame with the snack foods ate significantly more snacks: on average they ate 50 percent more than the kids who played the game that had no food cards!

In some of the test conditions the kids were told that although they can eat as much as they want, if they ate nothing they’ll get a reward. That seemed to work: overall kids that played the snack-foods game reduced their snacking by half when promised a different reward.

But here’s the most interesting part: Impulsive children among the group were identified through a computer test that checked for kids’ ability to control behavior. While these kids did not eat more than less impulsive kids when playing the snack-food game, they did have a harder time refraining from eating when they were promised a reward for not eating — they practically ate about the same.

Parents are the antidote

We’re all quite impulsive when it comes to food, and even more so when it comes to high-reward foods. Long-term benefits pale compared to the instinct to satisfy momentary cravings. Kids are even more vulnerable, and this study shows that kids with higher impulsivity are a great target audience for advertisers. All the more reason to try and limit kids’ exposure to these ads.

But parents can reduce the effectiveness of advertising — in just the same way the authors of this study did — and train kids to ignore and self-regulate snacking. I’m not suggesting a reward for not snacking, but rather a rational explanation of the long-term consequences of mindless eating. This study showed that telling kids to ignore the underlying message-to-snack works — at least for the kids that are less impulsive.

The other great trick — don’t have these snacks at home. The cue in the ad triggers eating a snack, but in its absence the cycle is broken. You can also offer a replacement and place it in a tactical position. When the desire to munch hits, kids will reach for some carrots or apples in the bowl right nearby.

Dr. Ayala

Source: Health and Fitness

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A Bald Girl Speaks Out: I Don’t Want Your Hair

By Claire Dinh

Morally speaking, I could never donate my hair — that is, if I had hair to donate.

I have had alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, from the earliest I can remember. Throughout my childhood, my bald spots would come and go in every size and shape. Some were no larger than a dime, while others were as large as a gold medal.

It wasn’t until my junior year of high school, however, that I began to lose large clumps of my hair, an experience that was absolutely devastating to me. Naturally, as a young girl, I wanted to feel pretty.

At that time, wearing a beanie seemed like an easy enough fix. I had enough hair left that wearing a wig or shaving myself completely bald seemed over the top.

But within half a year, I had only tufts of hair left. I was sick of always having to wear a beanie. I hated that I also managed to close myself off emotionally from the rest of the world — I felt no one understood what I was going through. Most of all, I couldn’t stand feeling like I had something to hide all the time. That something turned out to be myself.

I decided to shave my head completely. I came to school one day with a shiny, bald head. And that’s how it’s been ever since.

Of course, coming out as bald was by no means easy. It took awhile for me to become used to the curious stares, the innocent questions, and the occasional mean-spirited remarks.

But I wouldn’t trade any of that now for where I had been before. I feel secure in knowing my friends are my friends because of who I am — and not because of how I look. I am fortunate that people recognize my transparency and that I am someone who can be trusted. Above all, I love that I have become a repository for people’s life stories. People see that I have been through some sort of life-changing experience, and as such, they recognize me to be someone with whom they can openly share their own experiences.

I hope that I make more sense now when I state that donating hair is actually an immoral thing. I understand the good intentions behind such donations, but such good intentions only really amount to a lack of understanding.

If you give a bald little girl a wig to wear, you perpetuate the idea that her lack of hair is unacceptable to you and the rest of society. You train her to believe that she can’t be pretty the way she is. She is led to believe that people will judge her negatively for her so-called imperfections. Her identity amounts only to her appearance. She must hide anything that makes her unique: all that matters is that she fit in.

We as a society have come to believe that donating hair is a show of support for people who have diseases like alopecia. I challenge that notion. Supporting a bald little girl involves more than just handing her a wig. Simply put, there are more powerful ways to advocate for people like her. Come to a support group meeting. Participate in a run/walk. Lobby on Capitol Hill. But really, it’s not so much support that a bald little girl needs, as it is validation. Telling her that she is beautiful the way she is will make her feel validated — and that’s something she will never forget.

Nothing is fundamentally wrong with the little girl who has no hair. But there is something wrong in telling her that her baldness is a problem she needs to fix.

Photos from the 2012 National Alopecia Areata Foundation Conference, when we lobbied on Capitol Hill.

Source: Health and Fitness

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NYX Dusty Rose Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

By Christine

NYX Dusty Rose Blush

NYX Dusty Rose Blush

NYX Dusty Rose Powder Blush ($5.99 for 0.14 oz.) is described as a “matte rose pink.” It’s a light-medium, rosy pink with neutral-to-warm undertones and a mostly matte finish. NARS Anguilla (P, $39.00) is lighter, warmer, cream. Divergent Misty Rose (LE) is darker, warmer, less pink. theBalm Houndstooth (P, $22.00) is cooler-toned, more shimmery. Urban Decay Overexposed (LE) is lighter. bareMinerals Glamour (LE, $19.00) is lighter. NARS Love (LE, $29.00) is warmer. Tarte Elevated (LE, $26.00) is browner, less pink. Hourglass Radiant Magenta (P, $35.00) is lighter, warmer. Make Up For Ever #330 HD Blush (P, $26.00) is a cream product, warmer. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

It’s a more buildable formula that can be applied more subtly but is still very pigmented and can be applied with true-to-pan color. The texture of Dusty Rose is very soft, silky, and smooth–but it can be a little powdery, so use a lighter touch with your brush to avoid kicking up excess product. The pigmentation was excellent; it was easy to get full-color coverage, but it could also be sheered out or applied with a lighter hand for a softer blush. When I wore it on my cheeks, the color was true for seven and a half hours before it started to fade.

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Dusty Rose

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NYX Dusty Rose Blush

NYX Dusty Rose Blush
NYX Dusty Rose Blush

NYX Dusty Rose Blush
NYX Dusty Rose Blush

NYX Dusty Rose Blush
NYX Dusty Rose Blush

NYX Dusty Rose Blush
NYX Dusty Rose Blush

NYX Dusty Rose Blush
NYX Dusty Rose Blush

Source: Beauty

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Healthy Foods for a Healthy Individuals.

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Individuals.


Most people do like to eat well.  Although we tend to may not perpetually decide the most effective of foods, we do see and hear regarding healthy foods from many completely different sources.  Sometimes, but, the information can be confusing, and if we do not have a smart education in what to seem for in selecting healthy foods, we have a tendency to will usually become misled.

Since the trend is going towards healthy eating, many corporations have created a twist in their product lines to incorporate foods that are thus referred to as healthier.  However, many of their products are just glorified junk foods.  They still contain white sugar, corn syrup, white flour, preservatives, milk and whey proteins, and are overly refined so you continue to do not get the foods that promote sensible health.  Instead of getting high nutrition, you will finish up with just more high calories – something you do not want or need.

Education is key here, but, one factor to first contemplate is where you look.  Shop where healthy foods are sold, and where you won’t be tempted to purchase unhealthy foods.  Conjointly, don’t shop with coupons.  You will rarely realize coupons promoting healthy foods.  Most generally, the foods that are cheaply made, designed to taste good, and are heavily advertised that are on the coupons.  So consider the following data thus you’ll be able to make nice healthy food selections.

o Foods in their natural state are clearly additional nutritious as a result of they need the natural fiber, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, untouched.  Plus they do not have the added sweeteners, enhancers, colours, additives, fats, etc. added.  We have a tendency to would like to remember why we tend to eat!  We tend to eat for the nourishment of our bodies, and if the foods don’t offer smart nourishment, then they presumably are inflicting adverse affects on the body – congesting, polluting, and creating health problems and disease.  We tend to would like foods that are high in vitamins and minerals to feed our cells; fiber for cleansing; proteins for building and repair; natural carbohydrates to relinquish us energy; and sensible sources of fats to help our brain and organs perform properly.  Foods should accomplish two things: nourishment and cleansing, and while water is our greatest cleanser, foods cleanse too.  If foods do not nourish and cleanse, truly they are not real foods – simply fillers and fluff!  So that answers why several folks are actually over weight!

o White flour may be a common ingredient in many of our foods nowadays.  However, white flour is void of the fiber, oil, and the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in the entire wheat kernel.  If white flour will be used as a glue, then what would possibly it’s doing to our intestines (creating all types of digestive and bowel disorders)?  While several are now choosing whole grain breads, better than that’s the entire grains themselves.  Whole grains in all their varieties (brown rice, barley, oats, millet, quinoa, kamut, wheat, spelt, amaranth, etc.) are great for breakfast cereals, added to whole-meal salads for lunch, main dishes for dinner, and even desserts.  We tend to would like more fiber and roughage and the entire grains are perfectly designed to allow exactly what our bodies would like.  Simply sprout them, or cook them up some at a time, and keep them refrigerated to use on a moment’s notice in an exceedingly variety of ways that.

o Sweeteners are a real thought nowadays.  Our biggest issues with health and weight is that the addiction of sugar, and that’s exactly why it is purposely put into most processed foods – to make an addiction to it.  Sugar will actually be thought of a drug because it’s void of all vitamins and minerals, and therefore can only cause a chemical reaction in the body.  It can not nourish or produce positive benefits to the body in any method.  Better than eating candies, pastries, and desserts, is selecting to eat smart sources of raw natural fruits themselves.  Often times that is what our body is extremely hungering for.  When we do select to eat one thing sweet alternative than fruits, choose sweeteners such as raw honey, raw dates, stevia, brown rice syrup, other natural sweeteners, and fructose every now and then.  These sweeteners give vitamins and minerals and work with the body, not against.

o Our meat market today is producing unhealthy animals not fit for human consumption.  Main stream market animals are fed hormones to help them grow faster and produce more quickly, antibiotics to keep them producing while not infections in their crowded circumstances, and even their own bi-product while cattle and poultry are herbivores by nature.  If that’s not enough, their slaughter houses have soaking solutions for water retention, that additionally contains the fecal matter, dirt, blood, etc. that is all absorbed into the meat.  The fat and connective tissues in the meat make it the toughest food to digest – that does heat the body and can be used to our advantage occasionally.  But, we have a tendency to have been blessed with wonderful legumes – beans in all their varieties: black beans, pinto beans, soy beans, red beans, navy beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, and a lot of additional.  Simply remember that the majority of the planet relies on legumes as their main staples, so these shouldn’t appear uncommon to us.  They are full of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, plus a good balance of carbs.  And they have terribly very little fat (particularly compared to meat with the identical quantity of protein), and no connective tissue so they digest easier.  We have a tendency to would greatly profit from eating a variety of legumes every day and cutting out unhealthy meats.

o Several people are raised drinking milk.  Again, our milk market is like the meat market and the milk product from such unhealthy animals aren’t match for human consumption.  Assume regarding it!  Would you take supplements of hormones and antibiotics daily?  Well you are obtaining a sensible dose of them if you consume main stream market milk products.  It is usually brought out that our kids reach puberty earlier, our feet are growing longer, our height is increasing, and the typical weight is increasing, partly thanks to the hormones we have a tendency to consume through our meats and milk merchandise.  If that is not enough, please note that abundant of the milk created is Grade B – which allows up to 5% blood and pus from infected cow utters.  No, they will not permit that to be sold for drinking milk, but they are doing use it for creating cheese and different milk product.  Milk isn’t the simplest supply of calcium as we tend to are brain washed to think.  As a result of of the pasteurization method, the calcium within the milk is indigestible.  Our greatest sources of calcium come back from leafy greens, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains and beans.  What we tend to extremely need to be drinking is water – smart pure water.  It’s our best natural cleanser and we have a tendency to very don’t want any different drink.  Water has that good clean flavor of its own that claims it’s pure and specifically what our bodies want.  Nothing will compare to the importance of water!

o Raw fruits and vegetables are one amongst our most significant foods.  They’re water- made for great cleansing, they supply several essential vitamins and minerals and the right quantity of fiber.  Plus, they provide us natural digestive enzymes to not only help aid digestion, but for cellular respiration and copy.  When we do not get these natural enzymes, our cells don’t reproduce properly.  For best digestion, fruits are best eaten 1st thing within the morning and for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks.  They are doing not digest well with alternative foods and do not create great desserts.  Vegetables are nice for any meal and ready in an exceedingly selection of ways in which.  Though raw is often better, if we don’t chew sufficiently and properly, then we might really be assimilating additional nutrients from cooked vegetables that have been somewhat softened in the cooking method.  Organically grown turn out isn’t forever that a lot of higher in nutrients if it’s picked too early or too mature when eaten, however, remember that they’re grown without the chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals which is a bonus.

If you’re hooked on fast foods and convenience foods, this kind of a diet may seem somewhat of a modification.  However, the modification is less complicated than you will assume.  Simply focus on smart wholesome nourishing and cleansing foods, and omit those which do not.  Browse labels, learn the art of preparing healthy recipes, and fancy an entire new world of great foods. Then you may have increased energy with a clean, a lot of functional system!

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