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Health and fitness trips for adventurous travelers
RINCON, Puerto Rico – Several years ago, I found myself needing a certain type of vacation — one that would help me reset life and that combined my passions: fitness and sports, the outdoors and travel, healthy food and new people.

Fitness Calendar: Run, bike or climb stairs
Dallas Morning News
Combine 3.5 miles of trail running, 12 miles of mountain biking, two miles of canoeing, “mystery events” and 139 (crazy? courageous?) participants. What do you get? The Rock Dallas Adventure Race, held Saturday at the Murrell Heritage Primitive Camping

Midlife Fitness May Lower Dementia Risk
Yahoo! News (blog)
In the study, the most in-shape people had fitness levels that averaged 13.1 metabolic equivalents (METs), while those who were the least fit had levels averaging 8.1 METs. One metabolic equivalent is the amount of oxygen you use when you are inactive

Better Midlife Fitness Linked to Lower Dementia Risk
“Our study overcomes many of these shortcomings, with a large homogeneous patient population, an objective measure of fitness, and a long follow-up. We therefore believe our data give a strong message to improve fitness, which we think may be more

Fitness Profile: He swims! He runs! He plays basketball! Meet Dave West.
Dallas Morning News
Dave West was an athletic kid, but as he got older, fitness was pushed aside for college, marriage and kids. In his 30s and 30 pounds overweight, he tried playing basketball. Ouch. He tried running. Ugh. He kept moving, though, stopping when he hurt.

Fitness in 40s, 50s Tied to Later Dementia Risk
MedPage Today
Individuals with the highest levels of cardiorespiratory fitness during middle age were significantly less likely to develop dementia in their senior years, a long-term prospective study suggested. Among nearly 20,000 participants in the Cooper Cente

OVERNIGHT MONEY: Budget fitness
The Hill (blog)
Fun with budgets: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on Tuesday will release its annual budget and economic update that will take a peek into the nation’s financial condition. Needless to say, the nation probably needs to hit the gym a bit more

Victor: Prospering in any fitness location
The Columbian
The most logical pack ‘n’ go fitness equipment for years has been running shoes, as donning a pair of these bad boys (and perhaps shorts or sweats) equips anyone to simply lace up and go. Sometimes, the motivation to do this can be dampened

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